Yoshiharu Ramen takes pride in our velvety broth that is distilled from pork bones. It is boiled for 14 hours to extract everything good. The result is a broth that is pure, high in collagen and rich in gelatin, amino acids and clean. According to New York Post, Forbes and the Washington Post, bone broth is a new miracle food, rich in nutrients and full of anti-aging qualities. Disclosure: The menu may be slightly different depending on the location.

Big Platter

Chashu Taco

Chicken salad

Ebi Tempura


Egg Roll




Kara Age

Spicy Garlic Edamame

Iidako Kara Age

Ebi Tempura

Egg Roll

Potato Shrimp


Ika kara Age

Kaki Fry

Tofu Nuggets

Chicken Salad

Seaweed Salad

Tofu Salad

Big Platter

Pork Chashu Fries

Yoshiharu Chicken Kara Age

Tonkotsu Shoyu

Tonkotsu Spicy Miso

Tonkotsu Shio

Tonkotsu Black

Tonkotsu SpicyBlack

Chicken Ramen

Tonkotsu Miso

Vegetable Ramen

Cold Ramen

Spicy Beef Rice Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

Chashu Bowl

Kara Age Bowl

Curry Bowl

Spicy Tuna Bowl

Spicy Chicken Bowl

Unagi Bowl

Deluxe Combination Bento

Beef Steak Bento

Teriyaki Chicken Bento

Tonkatsu Bento

Salmon Steak Bento

Spicy Beef Bento

Salman & Shirimp Dynamite Roll

Baked Salmon & Shrimp Tempura Roll

Baked Salmon Roll

Deluxe Spicy Tuna Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Classic Spicy Tuna Roll

Classic California Roll

Spicy California Roll

Spam Musubi

Macaron Ice Cream

Matcha Cheese Cake

Mochi Icecream