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True Japanese Ramen in California #1 Ramen
in OC​
Authentic and Delicious #1 Ramen
in OC​
Try it Once! #1 Ramen
in OC​
Authentic and delicious ramen​ Our Menu #1 Ramen Noodle Restaurant – in OC​


" #1 Ramen Noodle Restaurant – in OC "

Ramen was first introduced to Japan during the Meiji Period in 1868 and grew rapidly in popularity throughout the country.

The first restaurant to serve up a bowl of noodles similar to today’s ramen was Yowaken in 1884, but it wasn’t until 1910 that Japan had its first ramen shop called Rairaiken  in Asakura, Tokyo.

In 2016, Yoshiharu Ramen opened our flagship restaurant in Orange, CA and with the love and support of our customers we are rated the #1 Ramen noodle restaurant in the OC by OC Register.

Our mission is and will always be to provide our patrons with the most authentic and delicious ramen to tantalize the taste buds, while keeping true to our Hokkaido origins.

Hokkaido origins Ramen

Fabulous Flavor

Best Ramen in OC

Enjoy the finest ramen in Orange County at Yoshiharu Ramen. Authentic flavors with miso, shio, or shoyu broths.

Authentic Hokkaido Ramen

Taste our Hokkaido-style ramen with rich pork bone broth, packed with minerals, vitamins, and collagen.

Top Japanese Ramen in SoCal

Discover authentic Japanese ramen and hand-rolled sushi in Southern California. Delicious, hearty, and affordable.

We Serve With 100% Customer Satisfaction

Best Ramen in OC!
The ramen here is hands down the best I've had in Orange County. The broth is rich and flavorful, and the noodles are cooked to perfection. Highly recommend the tonkotsu ramen!
Gilbert G
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Authentic and Delicious.
I felt like I was back in Japan! The Hokkaido-style ramen is authentic and absolutely delicious. The miso broth was my favorite – so comforting and packed with flavor!!
Daniel K
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Healthy and Satisfying
Yoshiharu Ramen offers the perfect balance of healthy and delicious. The collagen-rich broth left me feeling great, and the fresh ingredients made for a satisfying meal. I'll definitely be coming back!
Keny J
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Amazing Variety
The variety of Japanese dishes here is amazing. From the hand-rolled sushi to the bento boxes, everything is top-notch. The shoyu ramen was a standout – light yet full of flavor.
Emily S
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